Monthly upload quota does not reset to 0% upon subscription renewal

I uploaded a bunch of files onto Dynalist shortly before my Pro account subscription was auto-renewed on 12/8/17, on the expectation that the quota will reset to 0% when the subscription auto-renews. It did not. I am now at around 90+% of my monthly quota, and am now worried that I will soon not be able to upload any files.

When does the monthly 1 Gb upload quota reset, if not on subscription renewal? At the beginning of each month? It certainly did NOT reset on 12/1 for me.

I forgot to mention. I did start a new browser instance, and even checked in the Windows and iOS DL apps. They all show 90+% use of the 1 Gb quota. I don’t think its a cache issue.

It takes each file 30 days to be counted outside of your quota, which we think make more sense and is more accurate.

Sorry, we should’ve added this explanation to our help center. This shouldn’t be filed as a bug when you’re confused about how it works though, mind if I move it to “Help” instead?

EDIT: So in other words, the quota doesn’t get reset to 0 at on a certain day, rather it represents how much storage you used in the last 30 days.

Thanks for the clarification.

Just to add to this topic: we will consider bumping the quota since 1 GB is not a lot in 2017 (almost 2018).

@Gek did that answer your question and do you find if I mark this as closed now?

Thanks Erica. I get it now. I’ll manage my file uploads accordingly

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