Modifier (ctrl?) + click to 'always enter edit mode'

I know you are working on a WYSIWYG mode for Dynalist, but here is another proposal that might help:

What if we had a modifier key (e.g. ctrl) so that when you held it down and clicked into a bullet, even when your cursor is on a tag, or a date, it always entered edit mode, like so:

When ctrl + clicking it would still enter edit mode (rather than searching for the tag), like this:

In examples like this, it can often be very fiddly to find an ‘edit point’ where there are no tags or dates etc and I frequently accidentally click on a tag for this reason … Aside from the example I’ve given here, it can be even more fiddly trying to ‘edit’ a bullet which is an image and sometimes I have had to go to the parent bullet and press down to get ‘into’ the image bullet, which isn’t very smooth …

So, yes how about ctrl + click always edits, even if your cursor is on a tag / date? It doesn’t seem to do anything else at the moment …




You can always click on the blank space on the right side to start editing. Does that work for you?

this is what I have always done as well and works fine for me

Hi Erica,

Yes I do know this but it this isn’t great for a few reasons. Firstly after clicking to the right you then have to click again to get the cursor where you actually want it which is quite cumbersome. Secondly when you have a lot of tags in a bullet sometimes there’s a very small amount of space to the right which is ‘clickable’ which can also be frustrating / lead to missclicks, but I think the first reason is sufficient to warrant this really? Having to click twice to get the cursor where you want it isn’t the end of the world of course, but isn’t ideal either? :smiley:


@Erica As a modification / extension of this idea, perhaps when you introduce the WYSIWYG edit mode, ctrl and click to enter full edit mode of a bullet might be a good way to offer both edit modes seemlessly? Personally I think with this approach, WYSIWYG could then be the default mode even for new users (With a timely tip) …

Yeah, that’s a good idea. We have to think about which key to use though, as we have previously planned to use Ctrl+Click for selecting discontinuous items (like Alt+Click in WorkFlowy). Seems like we need to carefully evaluate which action is more important and let it take Ctrl+Click, while the other action takes Alt+Click. Yet another problem is that Alt+Click is for removing things like tags and dates. There are definitely lots of things we need to be careful not to break while implementing this…