Mobile toolbar not displaying above keyboard on web app

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Dynalist on mobile browser
  2. Click on an item

Expected result

Mobile toolbar displays above the keyboard.

Actual result

Mobile toolbar is not shown. On my wife’s phone it appears partially cut off.

The mobile toolbar is visible once the keyboard is minimized.


Android, Chrome mobile. The native Android app works correctly.

This issue seems recent.

@Shida you mentioned in another topic there have been no server side changes, but this seems new as well. Are you sure nothing has changed recently? If not on Dynalist’s side, maybe Android’s System WebView had an update recently causing things to break?

Yeah we haven’t made any server deployments in a while, this might be a chrome/webview change. I’m surprised though given that you say the app works?

Yes, it works correctly in the app. See screenshot below.