Mobile - 'share' or copy and paste multiple nodes/children -

I used dynalist more and more, then I was drafting a few emails I need to send, I had them in the same document. While I was out I thought I could send one of them, then I realised I couldn’t. I couldn’t select and copy more than one node and I can’t export one node and its descendants (only a document). It was very frustrating. It would be great to have a way to do this. As with the other comments on this in other threads, maybe it’s just a list or a few notes you made as part of a document and you want to send them by someone. At least being able to copy and paste would be good, also selecting a node and being able to ‘share’ the node and it’s children to other android apps (gmail, WhatsApp etc) would be really helpful


Have a look here. You can vote:

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I really just want to copy and paste on mobile … or somehow just get something I’ve written into an email! I don’t think I’m asking for anything fancy, just to be able to use what I’ve written when I’m on my mobile. Honestly it feels like using a facebook app that doesn’t want me to go do anything outside of the app itself.

Sorry i got you wrong the first time. You can export a node with subnodes. Clicking in a node show the symbol menu. There you can choose export. Do you have Android?

That sounds perfect, Yes on Android, o couldn’t see the export function, other than for a whole document, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Apologies if it’s obvious and I’ve missed it, wouldn’t be the first time.

Checkout here (I know for web):

And here you can customize the toolbar:

Export tool is this:

And if this not work check out the great app “Quick Dynalist”:

A workaround is to open on a mobile browser, then tell the browser to request desktop site. This way, the hamburger icon for context menu is visible, and from there you can export and copy.

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