Mobile multi-select sometimes opening keyboard

Steps to reproduce

On mobile, enter multi-select mode. Click around on different items to select/deselect them.

Expected result

The items become highlighted (selected) or un-highlighted (deselected) as you press them.

Actual result

Most of the time it behaves as expected, but occasionally (~15% of the time) when selecting an item it will open the keyboard with the cursor at the beginning of the item and clear out all of your other selected items.

I noticed this when selecting some items in my grocery list, and after selecting ~10 items the keyboard popped up and cleared all of the selections and I had to start over again. For bulk actions on many items this bug makes it really hard to use the feature.

Can eventually repro 100% of the times I try it.

See this screen capture:


Android 10 Chrome browser.

It seems like this issue has been fixed, as I can no longer repro it.

Yup, my bad didn’t see your original bug fix but that was the last thing I fixed before deploying the latest versions of our mobile apps!

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Awesome! I am so pleased with multiselect. Still somehow the backlink feature is missing.

Still happens in various circumstances. One particular case:

  1. Turn on multi-select.
  2. Select something.
  3. Use move command.
  4. Stuff has moved, multi-box is still on, but program is in Edit mode.

Hadn’t noticed that! I can repro as well. Do you know of other cases as well? It would be good to document all the ones you’ve seen so they can fix them all at once.

Additional detail: the cursor gets activated where it last was, which may be offscreen. If so, the next tap select results in both that offscreen item and the tapped item to be selected. This is VERY bad.

Possibly the program should take the last-tapped item as the active one. Then if the selection is deleted or moved or checked off and hidden, in any of these cases, the active item moves to the next/previous item as appropriate. (Aside: checking doesnt do this right even apart from multi select mode). If not in select mode then the cursor can move there. the other way you might fix this: Select mode removes the cursor Position and no options establish a cursor until the mode is turned off

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These additional issues will be both addressed in an upcoming deployment.


Just updated on Android today and it looks like these issues are fixed!