Mobile features: sorting or improved item-moving



I love the sorting feature on desktop. It would be awesome to have the sorting feature enabled on mobile devices.

Use Case
Sorting works great for lists, like books or meeting notes sorted by date.

Current Solution
Manual sorting. This is however very cumbersome on mobile. I personally can’t get the hang of drag-and-drop; and hitting the on-screen toolbar option to move one space at a time is painfully slow.

Either one or both of the following would be awesome:

  • a ‘sort by’ feature, as per desktop versions
  • faster ‘manual’ sorting e.g.
    • keyboard shortcut
    • option to move x spaces
    • option to hold down up/down toolbar button to continuously re-order the item

I hope I’m not the only one that would love to have some improvements to sorting on mobile :slight_smile:




In case you are using Android, my app has very easy to use drag and drop features.