Mobile app says Synced when it isn’t

Steps to reproduce

Disconnect mobile device from internet.
Make changes on computer.
Go to mobile. Look at status on the top-right menu.

Expected result

I need to see “Not synced” because it is not .so long as we are not connected to the internet and/or all changes are not brought in, it should not say synced.

Actual result

It says Synced.


PC, ios app.

Additional comments

This is important information. It should ideally be a visible color changing icon on the top line indicating the three states: changes not uploaded, all changes uploaded yet not connected (not synced), and everything is synced.

Issue came up today: I copied hundreds of lines into Dynalist on my computer. Computer said synced. I open up my phone. Phone says synced but doesn’t have hundreds of new lines, just the first line. I legit thought the sync process broke, but 5 minutes later the stuff came in.

If I didn’t know explicitly what items to expect coming in, I could easily have screwed up the document by editing there.