​Mobile app: Hold two seconds the magnifying glass icon for "search everywhere"

By using Dynalist mobile app, the global search is a couple of steps away. I mean, you need to (1) click magnifying glass icon, (2) then click again the icon to toggle from document to “search everywhere”.
The suggestion is an alternative method to activate direcyly the global search just by holding two seconds the magnifying glass.
Thanks for considering it.

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My only question is that except for the person who suggests it, who can discover this functionality?

Conventionally, long press is more often used to open a tooltip or a menu for more options (think iOS 3D touch), so I don’t know how many people who expect this to happen.

Maybe adding an option to the main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) is a more discoverable method.

I do agree that we need a ‘search everywhere’ in the mobile app. I would suggest a functionality similar to Things, where you can swipe down to pull up a search bar. It works extremely well.

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I have to say that I thought that search should be more easily accessible than with several taps.

It can either be long tap, or introduce swiping mechanic for the button. Like:

  • tap -> search in document
  • tap button and swipe down -> search everywhere
  • tap button and swipe up -> search for documents/folders

@Erica Almost any swipe/long tap functionality requires some kind of introduction to use effectively, so there’s nothing new to this. Simple tooltip will solve the problem. Or, as a more complex solution, think about “tip of the days for advanced user” functionality. There are a lot of things that Dynalist has that are not obvious. And there will be even more. The last I found was - there’s no “make a copy” default shortcut for a selected text and it’s not mentioned in popup menus, but you can actually add a shortcut for it and it’s just dead useful!

P.S. Btw, why can’t we search for folders in Dynalist? It is a mandatory thing to have if you’re using not only the tags grouping, but also folder grouping.