Minimize to System Tray

Allow for a close to system tray option instead of a full close on X to improve global hotkey availability, such as Ctrl+Shift+I for quick Inbox entries.

Also, configurable global hotkeys to jump to a specific file would be very useful!

(This is an edit of a previously scatter-brained and erroneous suggestion.)


Yep, it does, thanks for noticing.

Could you please update the title a bit (to something related to system tray) so it’s easier to tell what the feature request actually is? Thanks a bunch in advance :blush:

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Wew it’s been almost 3 years since this request. Any chance of it happening anytime soon? It’s a fairly small feature that adds a great deal to usability.

I don’t understand how moving the icon from apps to system tray does anything for usability.

People often use lots of productivity applications and they take up space on your taskbar, which shrinks the remaining apps to the point they become unreadable (much the same as if you had 20 tabs open in Google Chrome). A tray icon is far smaller and instantly recognisable as the Dynalist app, which means I can use it without it getting in the way of other applications.

Additionally it’s muscle memory to use close to minimise to tray with many apps like email clients, RSS readers, chat apps etc.