Minimal and clean CSS do you want that?

Hi everybody, this is the current CSS I’m using in Dynalist, if you want that I’ll share with you. I just want to share to those who need, the CSS is a bit messy.

Just post it to Post your current Custom CSS (with comments)!

Nobody cares if it’s messy. A screenshot and a copy-paste block of code is perfect. Nobody’s judging your code formattings.

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I can also add it to my ever growing list of CSS code if you don’t mind sharing it. I’ve been learning CSS mostly by trial and error so I started saving every little snippet just in case it might come in handy someday. Most code examples are for a specific alteration, but I do have a few large examples that do lots of different things.

If you want to see the list, you can view it here:

All right, so I post there already. So if anyone need, please go there. Thanks.