Mindmap - export as PNG

As the mindmap is getting more mature. It would be super useful to be able to export it as a PNG image to share

Thank you!


what are you going to do with a 100 gigapixel .png, print out a billboard?

I’m not asking for 100 gigapixel image but a decent resolution to be shared.

How many pixels, your best rough calculation, would the typical dynalist document export as, in your estimation? Can a browser handle an image that large?


I haven’t done calculation for that.
If converting mindmap to an image, would it be possible to allow the view mindmap to be viewed publicly like the case in the normal list view? (I understand it’s a pro feature but I’m asking for sharing the document with the mindmap view without editing)

I believe there are browser extensions that will export the current page to PNG, e.g. for Chrome there is “Full Page Screen Capture”:

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I will try that too.
Thank you

@Michael_Durland, I tried the plugin and it works very well. Thank you!

@BigChungus, try the plugin it works without 100 gigpixels. just toggle-off the sidebar, zoom in until the text in the mindmap is readable then let the plugin take the screenshot for you.

haha nice, impressive plugin!

mine came to 715 megapixels, it split them up as eight 6738 × 13270 images

cool to have this ability, opens up new ways to visualize and share maybe, works nice