Mind Map View – Any Development?

Imho, the elephant in the Mind Map room is to finally make them editable, rather than just an alternate display mode.
Is anybody working on this??


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Can’t say when for sure but it’s on our list! :slight_smile:

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I would like to see some different views to start. Does the map always just flow one way (to the right) or eventually even out around the main topic? None of my list are that long (yet), but I keep a journal w/ Dynalist, meaning the doc can get quite large. This might become unmanageable unless I can change the view or move the nodes around to my liking. Hope to see some development in this area in the near future. Thank you.

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Someone please look at Transno to see how to properly implement mindmap functionality. It’s amazing that this is still so lacking in Dynalist and I pay for Dynalist and Transno is free.

Transno also handle images much better, as their editable after import. Choose image file size, Resizable in line preview.

I can’t get the dynalist images to even work.

Can you screenshot what you mean? I don’t see much examples for the term

Have you played with the dynalist developers other product, Obsidian?

Yeah, I’m totally interested in further development of the Mind Map View. I’m setting up a new company and am going to be purchasing an intelligent whiteboard (i.e. Vibe Pro 75"). I would love to have a more graphical approach to organizing my thoughts. It would be much easier than the data-sided lists. I want to encourage mind flow and creativity that I think Mind Mapping does.

Admittedly, I’m not Pro yet so I don’t know exactly how Mind Map works on Dynalist. But, I’ve used Mind Mapping before. I like it. A lot. From what I understand, you can’t edit in Dynalists Mind Map view, which would obviously be problematic for what I’m wanting it for.

Request #1 Make Mind Map editable.

And then Request #2 (alongside Request #1) Have different Mind Mapping styles. Some quick examples from a Google search follow:

I want to go Pro with Dynalist. It’s not very expensive. And they’ve been great for me as a Free service. Nothing but accolades here. And I want to be loyal to a platform that has been so great to me. But yeah, developing the Mind Map functionality…to me…is the next step to take things up a notch. If it is more developed, I most certainly would go Pro. :slight_smile: