Meta poll: should we open a "poll group"?

Background info:

The forum uses Discourse, and it supports a feature called groups, which lets you put users in a group and notify them by @'ing them.

And I was thinking, it might be beneficial to put everyone who’s interested in participating in polls in a group, and whenever you want more opinions about something, you can @ this group.

Of course, joining the group is 100% voluntary, as you’ll be notified when someone @ you. Discourse makes sure of warning a user that he’s notifying a group that consists of X people, but the risk is that someone might mess up and @ the group a few times and thus spams everyone in that group.

What do you guys think?

  • Don’t think this is useful
  • Whatever (indifferent)
  • This is useful
  • This is useful and I’d like to be in that group

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I’m pretty indifferent simply because when time permits, I try to at least go through all the forum categories once a day and so come across new polls either way. But a noticing showing up in my e-mail might make me more likely to click and browse to it sooner?

Yeah, or for people who don’t regular browse the forum but still want to echo their opinions on polls :slight_smile:

seems unnecessary, ppl who have thoughts or think they know things
or think/feel they know what is better for other ppl
will surely find a way to express it eventually

i think what that user says confirms what i basically said, and ofc im an example of the case

tho you always want ‘evidence to contrary’ and i dont think the evidence contray has much matter or weight