Meaning of "Dynalist"

Just wonder does the name “Dynalist” has any special meaning? I can see the “list” part associate with what Dynalist is doing – list (at least currently, before we have a mind map mode / presentation mode)

But is there special meaning of the part “Dyna”?

By the way, does it pronounced as /'Die-Na-List/ or /'Din-Na-List/ ?

I assumed ‘Dynalist’ was a portmanteau of ‘dynamic’ and ‘list.’ Thus I pronounce it as /'dīnəlist/ (“die-na-list”).

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Hi @Chris, @Yatharth_Agarwal is 100% correct about this!

To expand on that, the “list” part is easy to come up with, and then on top of that we need an adjective to distinguish ourselves from the other list makers. We opted for “dynamic”, which got shortened to “dyna-”. I don’t remember exactly which candidates we had, but they include adjectives like “flexible” and “versatile”.

The previous name before the name changed was “Omniflow” by the way, and we changed it because (1) we don’t want to get sued by the Omni Group someday and (2) it’s not very description and memorable. Some people think Omniflow is a better name though :slight_smile: