Markdown keyboard shortcuts inserting on wrong side of cursor

Steps to reproduce

Click on some text in a bullet to edit, so that the cursor is resting at the end. (Using a vertical bar, |, to represent the cursor.)

Some sentence.|

Hit command+l, command+i, or command+b.

Expected result

The markdown should insert at the end of the text, and the cursor should now be after the inserted markdown. Say I hit command+i:

Some text.__|

Actual result

I get this:

Some text.|__

That is, the markdown inserts directly after my cursor position rather that directly before. This makes it cumbersome to type italic text, since I now have to use the arrow key to move back to the end position in the text.


Mac OS 10.12.2, visiting the website in chrome.

Additional information

I’m not sure when this started to happen. Probably fairly recently.

I can confirm this on Win10/Chrome as well. If it doesn’t get a reply in 2-4 days, I’ll (or you can) ping Erica.

Has @Erica been pinged?

Yes. It’s fixed but the release hasn’t gone out yet. Soon!

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Update: this should be fixed now!