Make url shorter

This is more convenient when sharing a link.

For example:

  3. (ideally :))

I just wanted to propose the same :slight_smile: It’s so nice when URLs are beautiful.

Some of the most beautiful URLs are those resulting when sharing a question or answer on Stack Exchange sites (for example, Probably this scheme cannot be directly used by Dynalist, as a content hash scheme seems to be used here. But in that case, the URL handling done by Github provides a good inspiration: as long as the URL is still unambiguous, characters can be removed from the end of the hash part of a URL. For example, the following two URLs are synonymous (but without one forwarding to the other):

The same system could be used in Dynalist, so that the following URLs would also be synonymous:

The document ID is probably not a hash, so it could be shorter on its own already. Or even be made into a number.