Make tags in "All Tags" autocomplete in new documents

If I create a tag in one document (# or @ tag) it is listed in “All Tags”, but in a new document when I begin typing that tag Dynalist does not begin to autocomplete. Most of my tags are meant for multiple documents, so I would like to have autocomplete work ‘universally’ across all folders and documents.



Bumping this. I am trying to use tags to highlight common topics that appear across documents. I believe this is aligned with the intended usage of tags, but let me know if there is another feature better suited.

I’d like tags from the “All Tags” list to appear in tag autocomplete, even if that specific tag is not yet a “Document Tag.” This way I don’t have to manually type the tag exactly as it appears in a different document. As a workaround I can keep the tag pane open as a reference, but it would be nice to have that same information inline and clickable, as autocomplete suggestions.