Make Open menu button (hamburger) draggable

When I try to drag an item (in the browser on computer), and the hamburger menu appears for the current item, I often misinterpret it as a drag handle, and try dragging from there. Instead of dragging the item, the menu opens up.

As dragging from the menu button has no other meaning, the item dragging function should be extended to drags starting from there.

If the zoom or collapse button between the bullet and the Open menu buttons becomes draggable as well, I think that’s not a problem either.

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I’m sorry but maybe I didn’t fully understand it. When the move / drag button appears (for different platforms / systems), it’s not supposed to look like a Hamburguer menu, but rather as this icon here…

I should say that the confusion doesn’t occur to me because there’s a clear visual difference in both icons and their respective meanings…


This move/drag button doesn’t appear for me (which is ok), I normally drag the item by the bullet point. The 2 icons can be distinguished from each other but the hamburger icon on its own could represent a drag handle. See Option B on this figure:

Regardless of my confusion, I think the draggable area should be extended from the bullet point over the zoom/collapse and the hamburger button.


Currently, the 1st button section cannot be used to drag items around. Dragging the collapse button does nothing, dragging the hamburger, opens the menu. Only the bullet point can be used for dragging. (The 3rd part I marked is the item text, where the text gets selected on “drag”, which is good.)

I think this would be a nice little stream-lining addition. I was quite confused about dragging not working when I was expecting it to until I figured it out, and even now it would make it more pleasant if that entire element was draggable.

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