Make non-checkmarked children in a checkmarked list possible


When you make an item a checklist, all of it’s descendants, and also their descendants become checklist, but there is no way for the grandchildren sub-bullets not to have check boxes.

I want to make an instructional checklist, with notes or options under certain steps that do not have a check box next to them (but their parent items do) , yet this is impossible, my proposed solution is to keep the functionality with auto converting all descendants into checklists the same for familiarity, but add the unmake checklist / make checklist option in the menu for people who want to do something similar to me.


  • Making a sandwich
    • [] Toast Bread
    • [] Spread Jam
      • Strawberry
      • Blueberry
      • Apricot
    • [] Spread Peanut Butter
      • Can use almond butter if no peanut

Currently all of the square bullet items above would have to be check-marks even though that doesn’t make sense.

"Make checklist" only makes some children have checkboxes

This would be very helpful for my use cases as well!


seems like youre complicating the philosophy

those looks like notes that youd put in the notes rather than making them children

children in a checklist would be pieces of the parent split up as chunks, so once theyre all checked off you can check off the parent

i guess dynalist can be made more flexible like youre saying, but it would require over-riding an inherited trait, which tends to lead to bugs where the user forget an item has an override and thinks its not behaving right, im not a fan of apps adding complexity like that personally, kind of nice to be restrained to predictable rules