Make non-checkmarked children in a checkmarked list possible

When you make an item a checklist, all of it’s descendants, and also their descendants become checklist, but there is no way for the grandchildren sub-bullets not to have check boxes.

I want to make an instructional checklist, with notes or options under certain steps that do not have a check box next to them (but their parent items do) , yet this is impossible, my proposed solution is to keep the functionality with auto converting all descendants into checklists the same for familiarity, but add the unmake checklist / make checklist option in the menu for people who want to do something similar to me.


  • Making a sandwich
    • [] Toast Bread
    • [] Spread Jam
      • Strawberry
      • Blueberry
      • Apricot
    • [] Spread Peanut Butter
      • Can use almond butter if no peanut

Currently all of the square bullet items above would have to be check-marks even though that doesn’t make sense.


This would be very helpful for my use cases as well!

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seems like youre complicating the philosophy

those looks like notes that youd put in the notes rather than making them children

children in a checklist would be pieces of the parent split up as chunks, so once theyre all checked off you can check off the parent

i guess dynalist can be made more flexible like youre saying, but it would require over-riding an inherited trait, which tends to lead to bugs where the user forget an item has an override and thinks its not behaving right, im not a fan of apps adding complexity like that personally, kind of nice to be restrained to predictable rules

I believe that tasks should live near their context and support informations.
Limiting this support informations to a flat text comment is a pity, especially when you have all the great necessary features in the tool !
See also help Add non-checkable items under a checkable item

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This is now implemented: