Make internal links exportable

It would be really nice to be able to use Dynalist as a light-weight editor for structured knowledge bases. The internal linking / backlinking functionality makes it possible to create relationships between entities.

Unfortunately, the OPML export currently exports internal links like this:

<outline text="Belgium">
      <outline text="Language: [French](,   [Dutch]("/>

I.e., links are URLs containing an ID of the referenced node. Unfortunately, the nodes themselves do not have IDs in the export. Therefore, the internal link information is lost.

This could be easily remedied by (optionally) also exporting the URL containing the ID as attributes of the outline XML tags, e.g.

<outline text="French" htmlUrl="" />

This way, the information captured by internal links can be recovered from the OPML export.

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I just realized that the IDs can be exported by downloading the document as JSON via the API. I think we can work with that!

This! Please fix this. :pray: