Make clicking on dates equivalent to hashtags

Many of my list items are tagged with a !(date). I would like to be able to click on a date and get a list of everywhere that date is used, much like clicking on #sometag runs a search. This would enable me to quickly see everything related to a given date.

Currently, clicking on a date just opens a date picker. I don’t find this useful as I find it easier to type the Markdown for a date than to navigate a date picker. Perhaps to help those who do prefer a date picker, clicking the calendar icon could open the date picker while clicking on the date text could run the search.


Or maybe a little button in the top of the calendar picker UI called “Search document for this date”?

(I don’t really use dates in Dynalist, so I have no opinion.)

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A simple solution I have used in the past - every date is a unique label with a hashtag . #161120
Used consistently this is a great way to track dated notes


Good idea for a workaround, but it isn’t optimal as a solution for two reasons:

  1. Readability suffers as #2016-11-20 is less readable than the way dates are displayed via !()
  2. Using both methods increases the required amount of space.

In the interim, though, I may end up using your hashtag suggestion.

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If you lose the dashes and the 20 for the year it helps. You will be surprised how the readability becomes easier as you use it.

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@Scott: what about Ctrl+Click would search it while plain clicking still pop up the date picker for edit?

Two reason came to mind:

  1. For some people, myself including, rescheduling happens all the time.
  2. Users should be able to tell dates and tags are different things, judging from the appearances of them. Tags look more like plain links and dates look more like an item, which is similar to images, internal links, etc.

And for the search part, I just thought of a case: if your date is 2016/11/23, should it match 2016/11/23 4pm too? It’s hard to same which datetime should search for which and it’s a bit unclear. My intuition says 2016/11/23 should search for all dates on this day, whereas 2016/11/23 4pm should only search for the exact same datetime.

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I’m fine with any method that isn’t too difficult or non-discoverable.

I suppose one thing is that I don’t understand how Dynalist is useful for scheduling–I use a calendar for that since calendars do things like show the agenda for a period of time, support reminders, etc., while Dynalist doesn’t do anything like surface the items for a given day–unless you do a search. It’s entirely possible that I’m simply unaware of one or more Dynalist features, but to me, dates and tags are more or less the same thing and used for more or less the same purpose.

Yes, there are some issues to consider there, too. I only specify dates without times. One thought might be that for dates which also specify times, clicking on the date would search for everything with that date, while clicking on the time would search by both date and time. Of course, the UI would have to make this clear.

I just had a thought that a menu could pop up when you click on a date with these options: Search for this date, search for this datetime, edit this date.

I don’t think you missed anything. The date feature provided by Dynalist is definitely lightweight compared to, say, Google Calendar. If I have an appointment some day, I’d definitely put it on my calendar rather than Dynalist because of the notifications I’ll get.

However, if I’m already planning a project in Dynalist, it’s really convenient to schedule a due date for a task. Switching to a calendar app takes time and requires a context switch. What’s more, having the task on the calendar app and the details for the task somewhere in Dynalist is a little inefficient.

I’ve also bookmarked a search that brings up all the items that’s due today, which is really handy when you just got up and want to check what needs to be done today. Being able to search

Yeah, that’d be great.

Do you mean a left click menu or a right click menu? I’d prefer a right click menu. Hovering over a date would show a tooltip that says “Right click for more options”. In the menu the shortcuts (Ctrl+Click to search and Alt+Click to delete) will be shown.

What do you think of that?

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I don’t think it makes a whole lot of difference, really. I’d prefer a left click menu because it supports my use case better, but if most users use it the way you do, a right click menu may be better.

For me, as long as it’s discoverable and not too difficult, I’m satisfied.

Just wanted to see if anything has happened with this. I did not see any more recent information. Please consider this a vote for this feature!

I just glanced through the conversation and it seems that there is some question about dates that have times and those that don’t.

I think displaying all items with a particular date tag regardless of whether there is a time or not would be perfectly fine and very useful.

Maybe just adding a hot key on web/desktop and a long touch or force touch for mobile could be implemented?

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