Make Breadcrumb with dates look nicer?



Currently, if you zoom in on a node which just contains a date, the breadcrumb shows the !(yyyy-mm-dd) as opposed to a formatted version.

Daily Log > !(2016-11-23) > Tasks


Same thing goes for an item containing a link. Because you can’t interact with breadcrumbs, Perhaps they should only contain the formatted, unlinked, unclickable versions.


That’s a good point. No need to display links when they are not clickable anyway.


I think the same point applies to page titles on zoomed-in items.


They are formatted just fine, no?


Could you give a screenshot that could serve as an example of this?


I meant the html title that appears in the browser tab name. There I get raw markdown like in breadcrumbs. Sorry for not being clear ).


Hmm we can strip away the *'s and the _'s, but I don’t think it’s technically possible to format the browser tab name. Sorry about that!


I decided to explain a bit more what I mean with an example =). I took the first two posts of this topic to mean that we want the breadcrumbs to contain a ‘plain text’ version of the formatted item.

Like if my markdown is

Use [google]( to search

then the rendered item will look like this:

Use google to search

And for both the breadcrumb and browser tab title I want just this:

Use google to search

Sort of what I would get after copying the rendered item and pasting is into a plain text editor.

So I’m not asking to format the browser tab name, I just want it to only have the text content of the item.

Sorry for trying everyone’s patience with this minor thing =).


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!


Yeah, it would be great if you could render some basic Markdown (and dates) in the breadcrumbs.


Sorry for the super late fix - markdown should be stripped in the latest web app now, coming to desktop app soon.