Make a universally compatible snap package

I know I’m a weirdo with my Asus Flip running Arm Arch Linux off the microSD card but I’d hope there are enough people with ‘unique’ architecture / distributions to warrant an effort to package Dynalist into a universal snap package.

Some possibly helpful information:
Snapcraft website:
Snapping an Electron based application:
Electron quick start snap:


Thanks for putting up this information! We’ll have a look.

Unfortunately, given the relatively small user base right now, I’m not sure how many people will echo this need. We’ll see! :slight_smile:

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So, just as a follow up on this old request. A snap package is not just for Arch Linux. Snap in fact will let you target all Linux distributions. It is a “universal” package manager, and would simplify installation for all users.

I would really like to have the app as a snap as well. The current process of installation is very manual.

Another option is “flatpak”.

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The reality is that flatpak, appimage, or snap: it doesn’t really matter. Me 4 years ago did not understand that flatpak, appimage, and snap packages are cross distribution but not cross architecture without the package maintainers explicitly making them that way. So while this could be a way to distribute a cross architecture/cross distribution binary, it doesn’t make it any easier on Dynalist to maintain because all those cross compiles would still need to happen. It isn’t possible to offload those duties to the community because Dynalist is closed source.