Mailbird Integration

I use Mailbird as my email client, it’s great and has many functional, usability and elegance over more standard tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

Mailbird allows for integration right into the client itself, including linking. A great example of this is (Task outliner) which you can drag an email into the side panel, and it will create a link to that (respond to James with pricing ref his email: [email link]). Clicking on the link will bring that email to view, allowing the user to get right into actioning on their task. For this reason I am yet to move my task management from to Dynalist.

Are there any plans to add this integration with Mailbird?

I took a brief look and it seems that one can only build Mailbird apps. Their API is written in C#. So I’m not sure if what you said is doable…

I agree what you described would be very convenient though.

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