MacOS Beta - option + Arrow key navigates page (not move cursor)

Steps to reproduce

Open a document in MacOS Beta.
Open a different document.
Place cursor at the end of a sentence.
Press Option + Left Arrow Key

Expected result

Expect the cursor to jump left by 1 word.

Actual result

It appears the “document” goes back to the previously loaded document. (eg Like hitting back button not moving the cursor)


Mac OS 10.12.1
DynaList Mac Beta.

Additional information

Using Option + Backspace seems to properly delete an entire word.
Using Option + Right Arrow seems to navigate forward (eg forward button).

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We’ve fixed this on our end and it’s going out in the next release. After the fix Alt-Left/Right will be left alone to do its job and use Cmd-Left/Right to go back and forward.

Cmd and not ctrl?

Cmd-Left/Right isn’t that the same as “Home” and “End” on a full keyboard? (Cmd-Left brings you to the front of the link, Cmd-Right to the end of it).

Should there even be a back/forward buttons/controls? It’s not one that I have ever particularly used myself in Dynalist, but I do make a lot of use of the various input shortcuts including moving the cursor around.

Cmd-Left/Right only if you’re not editing a line. Ctrl-Left/Right would work too.

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Sorry, why not Cmd-[ and Cmd-] like in Chrome and (I believe) Safari?

That’s for zooming in and out in Dynalist. Not exactly the same as going back and forward in history.

Update: this should be fixed in the newest closed beta version. Restart the app and it should work now.

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Works great! Thanks!

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Oh yeah. Browsers use Cmd-[ and Cmd-] to go backwards and forwards, but I forgot Dynalist overrides them by default (my shortcuts are customized).