MacOS Beta Can't Paste with Keyboard

Steps to reproduce

Copy something from notepad or another program.
Use CMD+V to paste into MacOS Beta (either on a line of its own or after other text)

Expected result

The copied data would be pasted.

Actual result

Nothing appears, nothing is pasted.


MacOS Closed Beta.

Additional information

If I right-click and paste, it does work and it will paste the information in. However after doing that, it also seems to highlight that line and everything above/below it (it’s like my cursor things I’m holding down to highlight even though there are no mouse buttons pressed). Moving the mouse around without clicking, causes the highlighting to follow the cursor.

Additional comments


Hi there, until @Erica gets the chance to respond, can you paste the content here and then paste the results over here?


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Hey @butlermatt, thanks for the report! It’s likely because we didn’t include some necessary menu items (the “Edit” menu option which contains “Copy” and “Paste”).

Will fix very soon and update in this post when we do!


Update: this should be fixed now in the newest version of the closed beta. If you quit the app and restart, the new version should arrive.


Awesome. Seems to work great now. Thanks!

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