Mac Desktop App Blank

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch application.

Also tried:

  1. Remove application
  2. Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist
  3. Launch application

Expected result

Application should show my data. It was working a few days ago.

Actual result

Application window is blank. I can hover over invisible elements, and see cursor changes. It seems to see the data (e.g. the title of my last open document is visible); but nothing else works.


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

MacOS 10.12.6
Desktop Mac App 1.1.7

(web app works fine in Firefox 60.0.1)

Additional information

Platform: mac
App path is: /Applications/
Data path is: /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist
[App] /Applications/
[App] App running, version 1.0.3
[Updater] Checking for updates...
[Loader] Trying to load main file from /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist/packages/dynalist-1.1.7.asar/main.js
[Loader] Executing main function
[Updater] Done checking for updates.

Additional comments

Could you please share a screenshot? (I want to see if it’s entirely blank or with the “No document is open” screen, or some other weird state)

Also, could you please check the developer console and see if there’s any error in it? Thanks in advance!

Sure. It seems to sync the state of whatever I have open in another host (e.g. web application). If I toggle the help, another black bar appears as well.

Screenshot of application:

Screenshot of application with developer tools enabled:

That’s really weird… Something seems wrong with the Chromium core (the browser). Even the developer tool stopped working.

By “remove application” do you mean uninstalling it?

Yes. I uninstalled the application and the deleted application support folder.

I suppose it could be a system issue or conflict with other software. Currently running standard MacOS 10.12.6. Also have McAfee Endpoint Security (IT mandated, can’t disable or remove).

Is there any form of debug logging I can enable from outside the application that would help you?

So sorry for the late reply! We’ve been doing an office move recently.

@Shida: could you take a look at this and see what kind of logging can be obtained please?

Hmm that’s a weird issue. It seems that the renderer process crashed for some reason.

Could you verify the behavior of the processes Dynalist launches using Activity Monitor? See if one of them dies off after the launch.

Also, could you verify that there’s free memory available? One of the possible issues is out of memory.

It seemed like everything was fine. Memory was OK.

It may have been related to a change in Chrome. Chrome recently updated on my system and the issue has gone away. I’ve not made any changes to my system so hard to say what the exact cause was at this point.

Thanks for the help!

Ok, that’s nice to hear!

Marking it as fixed for now, and let us know if the issue starts to act up again.