Lost thousands of tasks

I was typing on my iPad and a huge number of tasks disappeared. I rushed to my iPhone, turned off WiFi, and backed up the list before it could sync…thank goodness; otherwise it would have deleted those tasks on my iPhone.

Luckily, the back-up has all the tasks there. BUT I can’t toggle the view to turn off the checked items…and there are about 1000 I don’t want to see.

What do I do? Please help.

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There is the possibility of history. Old versions are accessible (Pro version). Maybe this is a good option for you.

So how do I do this? I have over a year of work on my tasks. I can see the checked items, but can’t turn them off. This means there are thousands of checked item I con’t want to see. Toggle doesn’t work. Thanks for your help.

Right click on a file, click Version History.

I think I fixed it. The original list is toast. The back up looked OK on my PC. So I deleted the app from my app iPad and reinstalled it. When I reattached to Dynalist, the new version based on the back up seems to be OK. That was a close call. There’s obviously a bug somewhere that wiped out all of my data. It’s a lesson learned for me to do back ups. I will also use the version history. Thank you.

So sorry to hear that! Do you still remember what was the last thing that happened before those tasks disappear?

Honestly I don’t. I was just doing my usual…and bang, they were gone…thousands. I quickly took another device off of WiFi so it wouldn’t sync the same bad version. That saved me…except then I couldn’t toggle checked items off (they were all on). Reinstalling the app and sync’ing with the Internet fixed that.

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