Lost data--how to recover?

I wanted to create a saved search for a tag (vs searching within a long tag least) and somehow in that attempt lost all tagged links to important docs stored as pdfs. How do I recover just those missing pieces? Is data only backed up every few hours or once a day? Can’t remember and brain’s in a fuzz. These are important bits of information to have worked so hard to preserve and now to have lost.

Hi Fred,

Data is sent to your Dropbox/Google Drive once a day, but we have all revision history.

I can’t understand what data is lost though, you said you wanted to bookmark a search, and how did you lose data during that process? More details would help here.

I’m sorry I can’t retrace the steps. I did find a daily backup and found the #find tags that lead (via Alfred app) to pdfs stored on my computer, but along with those items found and then lost in the search were other partial matches. I do not recall what they were but they all seem to have vanished and I will only miss them when I look for them and don’t find them anywhere.

I would try to repeat the steps in a test instance but fear more “misplaced” data.

And I will also create a routine of manual backups until DL moves to more than daily. A lot of work can be lost in between daily backups.

If you give us a timestamp we can revert your data to a previous point, as I said in the previous comment. Daily backups if for your use only.

The thing is that we’ll need to know which documents to restore, and it seems like you’re missing things everywhere? If you don’t have hundreds of documents, I guess we can revert each of them to a certain point in time. Given you’re connected to internet when you lost the data, though.

It was across several documents (I have 7 I think.) I had just done quite a bit of restructuring the LINKS doc with the intention of trying DL as my everything bucket for saved topical clips from the web (URL and TITLE plus keywords or tags and comments/summary.

To revert to an earlier backup would have lost that flurry of creation of environmental subcategories etc.

I will know next time–if there is a next time–to get in touch ASAP with a request for a finer-grain backup. And I will be more careful after making many changes to do a manual backup.

Thanks for standing watch! – Fred

Thanks! Yes, record the earliest time when you notice data loss has occurred and we’ll be able to help you revert it.

Hello I was using Dynalist offline for 2 days on my tablet (android app).
When I noticed that the data was not synced yet even though the tablet was online for some time I went and hit refresh on the tablet to sync the data. That action resulted in a complete loss of data written in the 2 offline days. Please help

Did you use any other devices in this time?

Hello, Fred! Next time you better open the search window in the new tab. If you lose the data, I can recommend you to run the backup process or contact customer service about your problem. In the future, I recommend you not to keep all the important data on the cloud, and you can easily lose the data. A good way to ensure that you don’t lose any data is to keep the data on a flash drive since you can easily recover the lost data from this source by using the flash drive recovery service.