Lost ALL my notes


Something terrible happened. Today I installed Dynalist om my laptop. I also have the web app and the app on my iPhone. I liked Dynalist so I decided to transfer all my to do’s from Asana. This worked.

I closed my computer and looked at my phone how the synced to do list looked liked. What happenend? All my notes are gone!

What to do!

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Open Dynalist in the browser, do you see your notes? If you see them it means your phone hasn’t been able to sync for some reason.

No, I first added one note in the phone app, then I added the rest in the web app and laptop app.

Then I openend my phone again and the web app and laptop app synced with my phone!


Is there someone who can help me?

This sounds like an instance of Sync deletes stuff. It’s a bug that very very rarely affects people but it does in your kind of scenario. Sometimes the data is captured in archive, but sometimes DynaList just decides the other takes priority and doesn’t record it. If the former, it’s possible the admins can retrieve from their archive.

If the structure of your data editing matches the description there, do tell. If it doesn’t match, then it’s something else.

I don’t exactly what it is. But I can’t find the listst anywhere.

In the event it doesn’t exist on their servers, can you get it again from Asana?

Hmm so when you added the first one, did it show up in the web/desktop app after when you were adding the rest? If at any point the data showed up somewhere else, then it must have been synced to the server (and is thus recoverable through version history)

No. I delete Asana.

Don’t wory about it anymore. This is costing me to much time.

Here’s hoping they do worry about it so they learn to prevent this in future.

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