Lost ability to paste into Dynalist on iOS app


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Pasting fine into Dynalist on iOS Safari. Then go to Dynalist app on iOS. Paste does not work - nothing copies over. Then go back to Dynalist on iOS Safari, Can’t paste into that anymore until I get a new clipboard

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Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?
iOS latest, ipad, (seems to work ok on iphone) Dynalist mobile app, most recent updated version of the app

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I can be a bit more specific now. Pasting is working fine until I try to paste a link from the Files app. That paste doesn’t work, and afterwards no pasting works, even if I change the clipboard to something without a link. I have to restart the app for pasting to work again


I can construct a link fine in the markdown format of
square brackets round text / curved brackets round link
and it works fine

but if I let an app such as files or evernote or bear generate a link, I can’t paste it in and it kills paste until I restart dynalist

So presumably these apps are generating some mojo when they generate a link to copy which interacts badly with dynalist


even more specific now - I don’t think its the link in the clipboard when pasted that kills paste in dynalist ios - its the line break / return in the clipboard that stops it working


Confirming that I’m experiencing the same issue as Nicholas. iPhone XS Max running the current iOS.


This might explain why the clipping extension isn’t working…


If I copy a url from safari, I’m not able to paste into the app as well.


Same issue, copying and pasting from another app no longer works. Copying and pasting inside of Dynalist still works.

iPhone XS Max
iOS 12.3.1


I am having similar issue on iOS 12.3.1, trying to copy text from iMessage and Notes. Paste into Dynalist app - nothing happens.


Same here, can’t past anything to iOS app, pls fix asap