Log in each time on mobile Safari

Steps to reproduce

Whenever I navigate to https://dynalist.io on mobile Safari on an iPhone I have to log in. I get a ‘Please sign in to view this document.’ error message.

Expected result

I would expect that dynalist mobile keep me logged in for some period of time (longer than a few minutes).


Mobile Safari on an iPhone. 10.0.1

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Hi @Will, I can’t make the issue happen. I’m on iOS 10.1.1, but it should be very similar to 10.0.1.

Is it possible that you’re not in the private mode?

Thanks, Erica. What do you mean ‘private mode’?

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It’s the private browsing mode in Safari. The address bar at the top will appear dark rather than white.

I was only able to reproduce this bug in the private mode, but not in the normal mode.

Well I feel like a dummy. I must’ve been in private mode for weeks for all my Safari interactions and didn’t even realize it.

Thanks for taking the time. I feel like a noob. :slight_smile:

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No worries! Glad you can stay logged in now :slight_smile: