Locate file in "My Files"

Would be great if there is a feature to focus the active/open file in the “My Files” view so that

  • the file gets highlighted (current implementation)
  • the path to the file is expanded
  • the scroll position is updated

Visual Studio has a similar feature called “Sync with Active Document” which does pretty much the same.


That would indeed be nice. Though it would be hard not to confuse users with this feature and the Ctrl+O file switcher that actually jumps to a document…

Well, from experiences with Visual Studio and other tools with hundreds of features I don’t think that this would be a problem (given the UX is done right :-)).
But if you are unsure you might want to introduce it as an experimental feature to be enabled explicitly. Together with Analytics you will know if people use/like it or not before deciding to enable it by default. Just as idea.

“Sync with active document” sounds confusing to me, but maybe that’s just me. Maybe a better name will make it less confusing.

Sure, naming of stuff in Microsoft products has always to be taken with care :wink: Other potential names “Find in File Browser”, “Scroll to File”, etc.

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“Scroll to file” sounds intuitive.

What is the status of this feature request?
What needs to be done in order to bring it onto your roadmap on Trello? I have more and more folders and files and it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate to a certain file without such a feature. While Ctrl-O does open the file in the content view, the folders in the “My files” remain collapsed.
Would really appreciate if this feature becomes reality. Please… :wink:

Unfortunately, the status is still waiting to be implemented :frowning:

This is part of the feature request on the roadmap: https://trello.com/c/NhZ3hvpj/106-better-document-folder-manipulation

Ah, got it - thanks. Voted for it…

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Still waiting for this feature.

Any workaround? I need to see the version history of a file and I can do it via the “my files” pane only. I am unable to find the needed file from the “my files” pane since I have hundreds of files in nested folder.