Local Storage without Sync

I wish Dynalist had a feature that would allow you to specify per file whether the file was store locally or on Dynalist’s servers.

There is data I would like to handle with Dynalist, but I don’t want it on the cloud.

As an alternative, please consider making a paid version of Dynalist that is local storage only with no sync.


Possible duplicate of True Offline Mode or Encrypted Data

I read the referenced post, and this is not a duplicate request.

Ideally, I’d like a version of Dynalist that was completely local storage only. Barring that, I would settle for an Offline mode that would still function if the host were completely airgapped.

I think it’s the same as this feature request on our roadmap: https://trello.com/c/46l658SA/146-pro-true-offline-mode

The only sync will be account sync (and maybe preferences). We’ll need to know when your Pro expires, at least.

Just as long as the documents are stored locally and are not transmitted, I’m happy.

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Reading this in 2020. When will the true offline mode be available for dynalist pro? It is not listed here https://help.dynalist.io/category/112-pro-features

+1 to these discussions. In order for me to use this (and I /really/ want to) - I need a fully offline mode for local storage similar to Obsidian. Totally understand that this would be a pro feature. Is this on the roadmap somewhere, @Erica? Thanks!

Same case here, no problem on becoming a Pro, but I need a fully offline mode for local storage to be able to use it at work.

Thanks for this awesome software! Best outliner out there.

Another +1 to this discussion. Would very much like a completely off-line mode/configuration for work related content.

Any updates to this? It’s in the Q2 2021 Trello and we’re now in Q2 2022.

It’s available now in the app version. It’s under Settings>Pro>Offline Mode.

I keep the app version offline, and the web version syncing for outlines I want to share across devices.

There isn’t only one thing called “the GTD template”. GTD is a process and there are thousands of implementations. Can you identify the specific thing you are referencing?