List item without a bullet


There can be a list item without a bullet to avoid making sublists from it. Also, it means that specific item naturally hasn’t got any sub.


Although I can’t chime in on whether this is a good or bad idea, bullets that have sublists have a circle around them.


@Leonardo_Callie Can we hear about the larger use case for this? (i.e. in what context this would be useful for you)


There are some records, such as long texts or a topic and we don’t want to have sub-entries for them. The idea behind Dynalist is that there are some ideas related to an idea.
But sometimes we have a listing, we don’t want it to be extended more than what it is.

Also, this can be resolved by adding an ability to add more than one NOTE to each record on a list.


Visually speaking, how would that be different from entering a new line to add more content in the notes section (and selection the option to make notes visible)?

Also, what are your thoughts on the visual distinction that Dynalist already provides for points that don’t have children (they are not enclosed by another circle)?


This illustrates my idea better.