Links to other nodes don't render markdown used in original node

I found a few previous bugs relating to links/markdown but not this one:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new node that includes some markdown, e.g. **item**
  2. ‘Get link’ of a node from the item’s menu
  3. Paste this URL directly into another node (note, just the URL, not format)

Expected result

Text ‘retrieved’ from the original node should render the markdown instead of the raw characters, so bold appears bold etc within the link


Actual result

The text displayed from the original node in the pasted link includes the markdown (**item**)


Windows, Chrome, no scripts just CSS via Stylebot

Seems related to Consistent Date Formats within Links
We’ll probably want to get both done at the same time.

Yes it does, I missed that when searching for other bugs, but have seen that date behaviour myself.

Tags and use in the linked item are also an issue IIRC

If rendering the markup is too difficult I’d prefer the markdown characters to be stripped within the link display

Got it. I think we’ll want to have it render properly in the end, but we’ll need to properly take care of edge cases like multiline text and blocks that overflow the box.