Links to bullets within the same document should just scroll the page instead of going to the link

In my case, I have a document for a project, it includes details about all of the different parts of the project, all sorts of general notes and organizational stuff, and a to-do list at the top to keep track of what I need to do for this specific project. When filling out the to-do list, I like to use links to the relevant bullets in the rest of the document so that I can just click from the to-do list to quickly jump to the location in the document that has the details I need.

The annoying part is that clicking a link to a bullet will ‘zoom in’ to that bullet instead of just bringing you to it. I don’t want to switch to a totally different view when I’m just trying to see a different bullet in the same document, I just want the page to scroll to the part where that bullet is but within the same context; I can click the zoom in button after I click the link if I actually want to zoom in (or maybe you could have a right click option on links to zoom into them?).

I am not sure how I feel about this behavior in terms of clicking links to other documents. On one hand, zooming into the link seems natural, but on the other hand, simply going to that document but already scrolled to the part that was linked to seems like it might also be useful.
This sort of feature could also work really well for people who maybe want a short list of ‘quick links’ in their document, like a table of contents. Just a set of links to the top level headers in their document or maybe something akin to the index at the end of a book where you can link to specific areas that cover a topic but without switching contexts.