Links should show resolved rather than naked markdown

image looks ugly
image would be much better

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Then how would you edit the link?

Those are links to Dynalist nodes that contain links outside dynalist. You can edit them in situ.

Notion and other apps do this easily, you highlight the text and have an option to edit the link

I’d like an option for that. Might sound dumb but it’s the only reason why I’ll switch to WordkFlowy soon since this is from 2019 and it hasn’t received any praise…

I hate those links that sometimes take half of the screen with all utm parameters, when i go on them all my layout change I can’t see anything else… (I use Dynalist in a small panel next to my other windows) and I’m not going to edit every link I use in my work since I use a lot of them

I hope it can become an option to always show links resolved

My workaround is to keep such links in the Note

* Here is text
Here is Link to Nowhere