Links in HTML export still in Markdown format

Steps to reproduce

Export any tree as HTML with Markdown links in the body.

Expected result

Links are exported as HTML tags
<a href="link">title</a>

Actual result

Links are exported as Markdown


Chrome Browser

Good point, I think we tried to convert some Markdown (maybe bold and italics) to HTML but failed to catch 'em all.

Will fix when possible!

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Any update on this?

Sadly, no.

Will try to bump it in the todo list; we do have some higher priority work in the pipeline though.

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I’m finding it very hard to format a dynalist for printing. I would just export it in formatted form and then modify it elsewhere, but the markdown links don’t convert to anything useful. This seems like a pretty important feature. How are other people exporting for better control over printing?

You can use the default printing – the styling is optimized for printing.

What kind of fine control over printing are you thinking about? I might have misunderstood you.

The margins are absolutely enormous, especially the left one, and there’s no way to change that. In the absence of any functioning way to export with links intact (which concerns me from a portability perspective-the OPML couldn’t be opened by any tool i could find), I ended up printing from the browser to a pdf with custom page size of around 10x11.5 and then printing that file centered and not scaled onto ordinary letter paper so that i could get a reasonable amount of text on the page. It allowed me to have legible text and fit a presentation on 4 pages instead of 6.

Anyway regardless of the printing issue, HTML exporting should convert markdown links to html anchors.

Is it because the link issue though? Or because the OPML is invalid somehow? That’s actually more concerning than Markdown links not properly converted to HTML if that bug is real. Please do tell us more about it!

Yeah, that’s on our to-do list.


Could you confirm if this is fixed now? Thanks in advance!

Yep, it’s fixed. Thanks for that quick bugfix!

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