Link to local files and folders

Main problem is that some of my files I would like to store on my local PC or network and not upload them. So, interested in having the ability to push a link to a file or folder form windows explorer or finder

You can do that in the desktop app.

Can’t do it on the web version because the browser won’t allow it due to the security risk (imagine any website can access your hard drive!).

I hope that helps!

Hey Erica, could we use the file:/// to open the file/folder within the browser?

No, because of security reasons. Websites and web apps are not supposed to be able to access your file system.

If you want this functionality, please use the desktop app instead, thanks!

Hi, how can you do this in the Mac desktop app?


right click a file, hold option key, copy file as pathname, write it in dynalist like this

Hey @Erica, is it possible to use local links with file:/// in the android app? So far it gives me the net::ERR_FAILED and quits.

Hi Anna, it’s possible but not easy to do. With file explorer on Android you might be be seeing the full path. If you have the full path of the file and Dynalist can access it, local file links should work.

This link might help: