Link to item, that also syncs completion state/children/edits/etc with original item

I would like to be able to have the same item on two (or more) lists, and have changes to that item on any list, affect all instances of that item. I will refer to this as a “reference type link” as opposed to the current “url link” that dynalist has.

For example, lets say that I have three lists:

To-do Today

  • Pick up dog food
  • Go to Stacy’s party

Work Projects

  • Do billable work
  • Submit feature request ticket to

As I’m putting together my “to-do today” list, I go to work projects, and see that I have time today to submit the feature request.

I can either:
a) Move it to “To do Today”
or b) create a [[link]] in “To do Today” and search for that item to link to it.

In case a) I no longer have it inside the “Work Projects” list.
In case b) I complete the link in to-do today, then I have to go to “Work Projects” and check it off there as well. If I check it off in either list, I have to go find all lists that link to it to do the same.

in a “reference-type link” you would sync any changes to an item to any place where it was “reference-type linked”. If we were using -> for the markdown for this type of link:

So the [[ LINK ]] would continue functioning as a link as it currently.
-> LINK would reference the original subnode instead of just linking to it.

A potential issues:

  • -> would only be able to be used on new/empty subnodes.
  • removal of a reference-type link would only be possible from the dropdown menu, because once it is linked editing the text would edit the original so you can’t remove the markdown.

I believe asana has functionality similar to this, but I don’t currently have an account to verify it.

I hope this was clear enough, I’d be happy to answer any more questions or discuss further.


I believe you’re talking about the same thing as a popular request, “clone”.

Is that the case?

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Yes! I didn’t find that when I was checking to see if it had been requested. I’ll add my vote!

Thank you!

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Thanks! :slight_smile: