Link to individual contacts in Google Contacts, a la

I’m a newbie here, a Workflowy addict looking for a couple more features, and really liking what I see in Dynalist so far. I have also tested, my question is about a feature, wondering if Dynalist has it.

In, I can type @[name] and will insert a link to that person’s contact info from my Google Contacts, including a pop-up showing their card w/ basic info (i.e. w/out going to Google Contacts, I’m still in my notes). This is extremely helpful in grabbing email addresses and phone #s on the fly from within, and it let’s Google Contacts do what it does by keeping my contacts and then becomes the place to access that info in context of actual work I’m doing. (I find unwieldy in various way, so I’m not pushing that product, but I do love that feature.)

Can I do something similar here in Dynalist?


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Hi Alex! Unforunately, @ only works like a normal tag right now. What you described could be made possible by integrating with Google Contacts in the future.

Thanks a lot for the input!

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Projects often involve individuals who are partners or clients. Sometimes these can recur across different projects. It is useful to maintain a history of this individuals, including contact details and phone records.

As a relatively flat platform, Dynalist is not structurally designed to incorporate recurring records.

These seem to be the different strategies:

External link
As @Alex_Moss requests, you can include an external link to a Google Contact record. Alternative links are to an Airtable relational database or Evernote card.

Internal link
If used often enough, it is possible to use the contact name as a hashtag and do a search for related items. But the search for Dynalist is awkward and difficult to navigate.
What I lean towards is to designate one item as the #contact and then link back to that item when the person is referred to elsewhere.

Has anyone else faced this challenge?

Awesome idea!

I use at-tags exclusively for people (and hash-tags for everything else) so this would be great.

Like all my features requests it should be configurable!!! I should be able to activate at-tag hot linking and select the contacts provider of my choice.

Obviously that makes the solution more complex and longer to implement but I think it will be worth it.


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