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I have a “Todo” bookmarked search, which I link to from third party systems. My problem is that I need to change the search query from time to time, which is only done by deleting my bookmark and create another one.

The URL for a bookmarked search with query “a OR b” is

The feature request is:

  • The URL of a bookmarked search is a unique URL based on the bookmark name. E.g. if my bookmark name is “Todo”, the URL could be something like
  • Possible to edit a bookmarked search without changing the URL of it.

The last bullet is also suggested here: Requesting new search & bookmark functions


Editing a bookmark would also be useful in itself, not just for external linking.
Sometimes I want to slightly fix an existing bookmarked search, and there’s no way to save the fix, short of creating a new bookmark.
Proposal: when jumping to a bookmark, and editing the search field, there could be a button to save the edit back to the source bookmark


The complication of this is that bookmarks, just like documents and folders, don’t really have unique names, but using ids will make it hard to understand the URL. The solution I see other apps use is to use a combination of name and id.


I have a more universal idea: each bookmark can have an “Edit” option, and it will pop up a dialog asking about document, zoom item, and search query information.

What you mentioned is doable, but it’s a bit more complication in my opinion. For example, right now the bookmark is just a shortcut, so when you arrive at the search result page, it’s as if you typed out the search results yourself – Dynalist doesn’t know you arrived here via bookmark. We’d need to change this in order to achieve what you described. I hope that’s understandable!


I like the idea of an edit button for bookmarks.

Also useful features would be

  1. multi-edit bookmarks, and get a table of bookmarks and their definitions. Maybe I want to make the same change to multiple bookmarks (e.g. at the same OR foo to all of them). This will be easier if I can just move from row to row, making the same edit
  2. what I proposed, i.e. edit directly from the Find field. I understand your point of the bookmark click lost in the URL, but this is probably solvable, no? :slight_smile:
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Yeah, like most things this is solvable, but it makes the general product and codebase more complicated, so it’s important for us to weigh the pros and cons and see if it’s worth it.

It’s a good idea to open a separate feature post for this though, to see how many others would find it useful.

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