Link Lists between Files? (A duplicated, synchronised list?)


I have setup a few files for each of my projects likeso:
“Project XX”
“Project YZ”
“Project OO”

Each of these projects has their own “To Do” list

I wish to have a place where I can globally view all of these different “To Do” lists, even if they are from unrelated projects, so that I can quickly visualise what is most important without having to go in different files. And whenever I complete / cross one in the individual project, it would get crossed as well in the global view.

I tried using tags # @ but they only show the results from the same file, and the global search only shows the first item of the list (The “To Do” one)

Right now the workaround I can imagine, is just having all projects inside the same File as lists themselves, which is not optimal.

Is there something I am missing?
Thank you very much in advance for your attention, suggestions and advice. Much love!

The way I handle this is to have a single document for the action lists. In the document I have a header (H2) for each project.

Tasks for @@Project__abc

Within the document for Project_abc I include a link back to that header.

Not optimal, but a work around.

Thanks for sharing your workaround Edvard! So far it does seem like the best option