Line wrapping issue in app

Steps to reproduce

Create a document with a title that wraps at least two lines on the mobile app. Create a list with tags at the beginning of the line. Then search for the tags.

Expected result

Clearly see the list text you’ve written

Actual result

Text is hidden because the document title overlaps with it, making it unreadable.

Using Android app.

Additional information

This happens a lot when using bookmarks.

Additional comments

I’m not sure I see the same thing. Could you show us a screenshot of what it looks like on your device?

Here’s what I see on my end:

Thanks for taking a look. I should have clarified it seems to happen when using bookmarks. Example:

Oh global search! Got it. I can repro on my side, will track and fix soon.

Fixed, will be released in the next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Should be fixed now, cheers!