Lightbox feature for image interaction, and/or give us a way to assign id/class to images in the markdown language

Given the outline nature of Dynalist, it’s very annoying to look at and interact with images, you either have to hover over it which is annoying when you review an old note, or it’s too big in the default paragraph spacing and window layout, or if you control it with CSS, it becomes small in multi-layer document, and viewing it enlarged in a new tab in your browser is really annoying or slow, especially while working on desktop app.

see this example below:

If it’s possible, would love to see Dynalist implement a built in lightbox feature, or at least give us something to work with in the markdown language so we can work out lightbox in our own CSS.

Also related, I’m trying to figure how to use CSS to always show the “title” property of each image below the image as a caption, it will be nice for Dynalist to support that in some way.

Thank you!