Licensing for companys / missing feature(s)

Hi there!

In my company (IT services) we have recently migrated our password stores (KeePass / LastPass) to a self hosted bitwarden, because bitwarden is really a good, stable and easy to use software.
Now, previously we’ve organized our data in folders. It helps us, have a good overview over customers data and helps also new staff, finding right passwords in the first time.

How ever, bitwarden has no folders we know from other products. It has collections (can replace folders not really -> would be too much items with any customer and category we map) and folders (are only personal, subfolder are not possible).
Now, “organizations” could be a good way, organize data better. One organization for one customer and inside collections (“servers”, “network” or any other category …). The problem here: A new organization means a new license for a share account means higher costs only for better structure/overview of data.
I can understand it really without any discussion, if a new account must be licensed (e.g. we give our customers access to their data). But I don’t understand, why we should pay for any “organization” a complete license if a account is allreay licensed/payed and in use. At first, we’re using organizations because it would be a good and clean way, organize data.

So, maybe it would possible, create a special license for using organizations as element organize data on a better way? I know, “tags” are planned, but using tags with customer names would also only a “workaround” depending on the way, you organize your data.

Regards ,p7