Let's get Dynalist added on IFTTT!

It would be awesome to get Dynalist integrated with other services via IFTTT.
So maybe if enough people suggest Dynalist as new service they will add it soon!

ifttt.com -> Services -> Suggest a new service to IFTTT (bottom of the page).


Yes! Done. Let’s keep the momentum going!


Nice! I think we are getting along :slight_smile:

Done that!

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Done. But I use Integromat.com - much more powerful and reliable than IFTTT. Not as generous if you use it a lot though.

https://support.integromat.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and tell them : Please add the Dynalist.io service, https://apidocs.dynalist.io/

(Also votes for Zapier and MS Flow anyone?)

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Dynalist got integrated into Integromat!

Dynalist works on IFTTT now, you just need to write a tiny bit of code each time.

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