Lessons from Workflowy

Workflowy has been successful in getting @rawbytz to further develop his code to produce what seems quite a dynamic PowerPack extension. Frank Degenaar has produced an impressive series of videos demonstrating it.

It’s great to have this kind of competition and there’s plenty to learn from it. I like particularly the ubiquity of bookmarks and word count. Dynalist still has many advantages over Workflowy and I don’t regret making the move, but its good to up the ante.


power pack is still around? tried it last year, impressive monothic size of features but none of them really helped me and it felt unintuitive & cluttered

doesnt dynalist already have bookmarks? or are you saying dynalist adds features after powerpack already added them, that sort of competition?

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@Piotr’s PowerPack for Dynalist is very impressive and I would be lost without it.

I’ve found that the WFx Chrome extension by @rawbytz is useful even without Workflowy. But his own Powerpack includes some features that have been on the drawing board here for a while such as word count.

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Thanks for bringing this up, @Kevin_Murray, I got an email about it this too.

While it’s very nice to see community contributions, we’d like to keep all core functionalities native. We’ve seen third party plugins like powerpack fail after a code change on our part, and that’s really bad when you rely on these plugins for your daily work.

Ideally, we’d like to have a Dynalist “lab” like the one in Gmail where you can optionally enable a bunch of experimental features. That way, if someone only wants the core features, he/she doesn’t get distracted or confused by the additional features.


That lab idea sounds great.

I must say, though, I have had very few problems over time with @Piotr’s PowerPack 3. I remember there was one issue, but he fixed it very quickly with an update.

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I couldn’t agree more with the sentence “keep all core functionalities native”.

This is what every app should do. Of course there will always be PowerPacks and enhancement features around brought by third-parties but, let’s say, the main features should always be implemented natively, IMHO, whenever possible. We shouldn’t have the need to rely on these community packages to boost the main tool, especially because in my case, for instance, I’m constantly switching computers (and also working with public computers), so having to install these packages every time on each computer would be a nightmare.

On the other hand, I understand that it can be pretty hard, for the main tool developer, to follow up with the latest changes on these packages and implement them quickly. Not all of the features of the package should be in the main tool, otherwise it could have some impact on performance or create some mess and confusion with the UX.


Another reason for maintaining “core functionality” is to keep (as far as possible) a common UX between desktop and mobile, which is becoming a priority for more and more users.

My main envious take from Rawbytz’s extension is Search and Replace. Core functionality for Dynalist surely!
:pray: :crossed_fingers:


I really like the look of his bullet points. Is there a way to achieve something similar in Dynalist?


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I also saw this email and personally was pleased that 80% of the functionality already is native to dynalist


I think these kinds of things are good experiments, but I work on iOS a lot and one reason I like Dynalist is that most desktop features work there as well. (It isn’t possible to add extensions to the iOS browser.)


I am so confused…after googling rawbytes i see this…https://rawbytz.wordpress.com/software/

I don’t see anything called WFx on it or anything called powerpack

How are you people finding this stuff lol i come to this forum every few weeks and never saw anything except powerpack3 which i tried maybe a year ago

lol nevermind im dumb

i just realized i use something called dynalist and its not called workflowy…i keep forgetting theyre two different apps

Haha well it is confusing as there’s a third party app for dynalist called powerpack too

I’m using the Wfx extension without Workflowy. It works quite well for navigating common websites. It extends the capacity of his other extension, 4 Smart Shortcuts.

Hmmm, what exactly can you do with it?

Jump to specific websites. Try it out.

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I got a little confused too, since their plugin is also called Power Pack. I guess it’s a good name :slight_smile: