Latex/Katex Beginner Question regarding creating headline

I want to create headline using this Latex code
$$\Large{Grow your expertise}$$
But the result has no spaces and looks like this. What might be causing this?

I found a workaround, by writing it like this
$$\Large Grow{\ }your{\ }expertise{\ }$$
Is this supposed to be?
Thanks - absolut new to latex/katex ^^

I used this site whenever referencing latex in dynalist

The LaTeX environment is in math mode, that’s why it swallows spaces and uses an italic (math) font.

You can set text in math mode using the \text command, e.g.

$$\text{\Large{Grow your expertise}}$$
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Thank you so much!
Perfect, now I’ll understand better on how to use it and how it works
Exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, @Lukas! :slight_smile: